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The Foundation

The Old Dominion Preservation Foundation was born from a preservation fight to save the historic Andrew Zirkle Mill in Forestville, Virginia. After the successful conclusion to the fight to save the mill, the foundation then changed its focus to see to the long term care of the mill and also, to work to save the unique and irreplaceable history of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

This work involves many aspects of historic preservation initiatives including grants and fundraising, property management, consultation, project management, program development and white papers.

Old Dominion Preservation is a 501c(3) non-profit foundation that not only seeks to protect Virginia's Historic Properties but also to foster a pro-active approach to managment of historic properties at the local and county level. This approach brings the welfare of historic properties into the comprehensive planning process.

Due to the exploding development and population growth in many areas of Virginia, a complete, comprehensive pro-active approach by governments, localities, private owners and interested citizens is the surest defense against the loss of historic properties that occurs on a daily basis.

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