Preserving Virginia's
Heritage for Future Generations

  Our Mission -- To actively promote the recognition, protection, and preservation of the historic properties
  of Virginia to insure they remain a historical, educational and cultural resource and that the history of this
  great state, its people and of America is not forgotten

The Old Dominion Preservation Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the historic, architectural, and cultural heritage of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Through advocacy initiatives, educational programs, architectural resources, research and cultural events, the goal of the Foundation is to encourage the preservation and restoration of historic structures and places and to promote heritage tourism that is uniquely Virginian.

The foundation is active in the preservation and management of the historic Andrew Zirkle Mill, circa 1765. This 245 year old mill, built by German emigrants in the Shenandoah Valley is a completely intact and well preserved example of 180 years of milling technology.

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